Document management

We offer a complete Document Management System tailored to your practice and industry requirements.

As businesses grow and progress, efficient document management becomes very crucial. Being able to find, access and manage required documents becomes a priority.  

As the paperless community is rapidly increasing it enables us to turn this priority into an advanced, easy to use, management tool. By scanning your documents onto an online system, you will be able to share required documents, manage who may view or edit them, as well as tag them according to specific document types, dates etc., making it easy for you to easily search and filter whichever documents you are looking for, no matter where you are.  

Help save trees, waste less office space taken up by documents and files, stop wasting time searching for missed placed files and join the paperless community. 

Whether you just need a documents sharing site, or need us to scan all your documents for you- we would love to assist you.

We will do it all, scanning, storing of documents off site as well as shredding (if required).

As we are POPI-Compliant, you ca n be sure that all documents are handled  with absolute confidentially.


Beneficial program functionalities

What does our Digital Content Management include


- Customised Indexing/ Taxonomy

- Secure access to all types and formats of files

- Document destruction

- Electronic and or off-site document storage

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Why make use of online document management



The volume of documentation a business generates increases exponentially as the business grows and more business processes are required. Managing this volume of documentation can become a challenge if the right tools are not made available and used.



Keeping documentation securely and available for access by any of your business processes is no longer simply a business imperative but a legislative one as well. Today’s technology advancements have resulted in multiple options being available for businesses to securely store their documents. Is your business maximising the benefit these technologies bring?



This simple task of managing access to document very quickly becomes complex when documents need to be shared amongst different people with different rights to the documentation. Add to this a volume of documentation and a business will very quickly expose itself not only failure in processes but also to the risk of sensitive information getting into the wrong hands.